Verizon Fires Up VERY FAST 5G inside 3 New Cities

Verizon Fires Up Quick 5G in Seattle, Sacramento, Pensacola

Verizon extended their set of 5G Ultra Wideband cities today with the addition of Seattle, Sacramento, and Pensacola. These towns bring Verizon’s overall to 67 that may access this super-fast system technologies.

As is definitely the case with 5G Ultra Wideband (5G mmW) activation in a fresh city, we need to remind you that while this may be the very fast 5G it’s furthermore the hardest to get and secure an excellent link with. 5G mmW is in elements of the metropolitan areas above and generally requires that you end up being outside near a 5G tower to get the best knowledge.

For a good example of what I’m discussing, this is actually the patchy availability you'll find in elements of Seattle at this time (the dark red will be 5G UWB):

In the event you look for a connection in elements of these cities, you can see downloads speeds more than 1Gbps. Sometimes, Verizon 5G Ultra Wideband is a lot faster than your house internet connection.

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