THINKING ABOUT Try Se’s Fi at 50% Off

Google Fi WILL PROVIDE YOU WITH 50% Off Your Bill for the initial a few months

Google Fi happens to be hosting a deal which should let curious wireless customers take the service for a spin without spending much money. So how exactly does 50% off for another a few months sound?

For a restricted time, Google offers clients or new lines a 50% discount for a few months on the unlimited Google Fi service plan. At that price, you can save a substantial amount of cash, around $35/mo when you have an individual line account. The offer also pertains to new lines on multi-line accounts.

The only real things to remember are that the discount isn't open to previous customers or those people who have paused service. Adding new lines won’t discount the complete account price either, only the brand new line’s price. This deal is for people who have never tried Google Fi before. That seem sensible?

If interested, the unlimited Google Fi plan includes high-speed data around 22GB monthly, high-speed hotspot tethering, free calls to 50 countries, a Google One membership, and much more.

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