What Could Get One to Switch to iPhone

What COULD EASILY GET One to Switch to iPhone?

Each year when Apple announces its new type of iPhone devices, we get a number of people asking us if we’ll review one for the website – you know, simply for fun. Recently, we asked our readers why they stick to Android and received plenty of excellent insight, while this past year we also discussed “YOU WILL WANT TO an iPhone?” To be perfectly honest, we haven’t touched an iPhone because the iPhone 6 in 2014, but from what we’ve heard up to now concerning the inevitably upcoming iPhone 13, we can’t help but be considered a tiny bit interested.

The iPhone 13 is reported to provide quite a few items that we love most about current Android devices. For instance, it’s said that the iPhone 13 will offer you an Always On display with support for 120Hz refresh rate, an inferior display notch (or possibly no notch at all?), in addition to improved night sky shooting capabilities for the trunk cameras. Those improvements alone, alongside years of software updates, ought to be enough for some consumers to be happy. However, we’re Android people. We curently have all that stuff and some, that leads me to your question…

What could easily get one to switch an iPhone?

Kellen and I've actually discussed the chance to getting an iPhone 13 this season, simply for the sake of catching through to what the complete iOS experience is similar to. Making that decision easier will be if Apple delivers every one of the aforementioned features. For instance, if iPhones was included with a Pixel-like Night Sight mode, plus a 120Hz refresh rate for the display (together with iOS’s dominant animation smoothness), that might be an extremely nice experience that we’d prefer to test drive for a little.

Think about you? Is there an attribute you’ve been looking forward to or something Apple could introduce in 2021 to make you switch?

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