New version of Fallout New Vegas zombie mod with new map, weapons, perks and music has been released

A new version of the zombie mod for Fallout: New Vegas with a new map, weapons, perks, and music has been released

The creators of the big zombie modification New Vegas Zombies for the RPG Fallout: New Vegas have released a new version of their project.

Download the modification here.

In version 2.0 the authors added a new map (Sierra Madre), three new perks (PHD Flopper, Stamin-Up, Mule Kick), new zombies, five new songs (Abracadvre, Not Ready To Die, Paredolia, Coming Home, Carry On), new weapons (Bowie knife, Molotov cocktail, radio trap, electric trap), and several new mechanics including a death system, explosion system and dismemberment.

New Vegas Zombies mod is reminiscent of the zombie mode from the Call of Duty shooter series. Players will have to shoot off crowds of dead, buy weapons, fortifications, and more. Every five rounds, a boss will appear on the map.

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