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SOLUS: the most efficient graphene-based heater

Company Christmas from Switzerland has developed a unique heater SOLUS. Its main feature is the heating elements of a thin layer graphene.

Graphene it is the thinnest and strongest material known to man. Excellent heat and electrical conductor. It is ultra-light, but at the same time 200 times stronger than steel, and in addition, it is biodegradable, so it does not pose a threat to environment.

The company gave an example of how the average family in the UK can save with a Solus instead of 655 pounds a year for heating will gain about an additional 135 pounds for electricity.
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The creators claim that SOLUS will work for at least 30 years without reduction. It was 5 times more efficient than water heating and 20 times better than conventional electric radiators.

The heater is powered by electricity and consumes 200 watts of energy & # 8211; it can work effectively indoors for 15 m². True, the manufacturer does not specify the power of the heating elements, but it should be enough for a comfortable room temperature.

Externally, Solus looks like a large black glass panel, so the creators suggest using it as a minimalist element of the interior. The radiator has a thickness of 1 cm, height 75 cm and width 32 cm. And the heater weighs 4.5 kg. It can be placed in the middle of the room on a special stand or mounted on the wall.

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